Mudworld: Operations Director

Grado Mil has proved to be a successful commander in the hot spots of the Three-Moon Planet. His new assignment is aimed to provide leadership for the Mudworld production facility and keep the whole inter-dimensional operation at its peak efficiency.

The character has been sculpted in Zbrush. I've found an interesting and pretty cool way of doing clothing in 3D Coat that allows quick and fast iterations. I will make a tutorial about it on my channel as soon as I can -

For the suit design, I've referred to Russian Avant-Garde and Constructivism of the 1920s. Obviously I've adjusted that for an everyday look. And I can recommend a pretty obscure book that I have in my home library that's got some awesome ideas - Theatre in Revolution: Russian Avant-Garde Stage Design, 1913-1935 -

Zbrush Render

Zbrush Render

Designing Clothing in 3D Coat